Path to Wellness”
Health care, hygiene and awareness has been one of the biggest challenges faced by people residing in remote areas even today. Lack of education, public health awareness, low quality care, limited access to health facilities has made people more vulnerable in the remote village. Awareness about menstrual hygiene and other health issues, usage of sanitary napkins is still a far cry for most of the women living in rural areas. There is also a lack of awareness about the usage of our traditional Ayurvedic medicines that seems to be very effective with respect to some of the health issues and maintaining the metabolism. 
Considering the entire pathetic conditions in rural areas, Campus 2 Community has initiated healthcare, hygiene and awareness campaign. The main objective is to educate children living in remote rural areas to educate and make them aware of how to take care of their health and hygiene. We conduct orientation programmes through professionals for our volunteers and train them with required posters, pamphlets and video presentations, so that they can easily interact and have an enthusiastic involvement with the government school children. We also approach some of the government schools in urban areas and try to inculcate the importance of Ayurvedic medicines in the modern era.