Ecozone ( Environment Experiential learning)

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has chosen a unique way to idealize a Future Society in Harmony with Nature, by establishing the state-of -the-art Environment Education Center – Ecozone. Ecozone is an ambitious project intended to enlighten children and the future generation – about the need to save our planet. The idea behind creating Ecozone is even beyond just Educating Children on the environment.

Ecozone Training believes in bringing behavioral change among children by making them experience the things that they are being taught. Ecozone is spread across 25 acres of land, which used to be a dumpsite of unwanted construction debris before 2018. TKM has burned the midnight oil to refurbish the land of nothing, into a home – cocooning rich biodiversity, with more than 650 floral and 196 faunal species. Ecozone comprises of 17 theme parks that revolve around five significant modules– Water, Waste, Energy, Climate Change, and Biodiversity. It also hosts a 500KW Solar Park, and Rainwater Harvesting Ponds of 51,000m3 capacity. The approach adopted at Ecozone to sensitize the visitors is designed in a four-tier structure. The people are first encouraged to experience the problem, which would make them understand the cause of it. Then their minds are triggered to create solutions, urging them to experiment – to implement. This exciting experiential journey is not only a brain tickler, but also a beauty to behold.