Health is not just physical well-being but also includes mental health. Present generation is influenced by various external factors. Stress, tension depression are the problems faced by the youths. These uncertainties rise due to circumstances and influence the individual. There is a need to overcome these situations and to lead a balanced life. Keeping these key points in mind, Campus 2 Community initiated Prajna to create awareness about mental health and to break the stigma among the youths. Prajna intends to reach and interact with every student and to break the barriers within them. Through Prajna physical, mental, social and psychological well-being is promoted.

Prajna provides an internship to students and trains them well on the grounds of mental health. Our volunteers undergo a training session in collaboration with professionals from various institutes. These volunteers will be able to interact with other students. The main aim to encourage students to share their personal pressures and also to express their problems and to approach professionals.


  • To break the stigma on mental health among individuals
  • To create awareness on mental health
  • To provide necessary counselling and personality development to students
  • To provide an effective channel for mental health
  • To encourage students to express their pressures and problems
  • To deal with the situations