Health and hygiene are the most discussed yet, most neglected topic in the society. Lack of accessibility to proper sanitation, lack of awareness on its importance, limited facilities has made people vulnerable and as a result disease are overpowering the human race. Lives of many have taken a step back as a result of negligence. Awareness on personal hygiene and menstrual health is the need of the hour in remote areas. As time flies, we are slowly forgetting our grounds and roots. Ayurveda was once the most practised and promising healthcare system. There is need of bringing back the glory.

To uphold the importance of Ayurveda in our lives, campus 2 Community started a forum, “Kshema” to create awareness on Ayurveda and the Ayurveda way of living. Kshema intends to conduct hygiene awareness campaigns. The main motto is to teach children in Government Schools about health and hygiene and to encourage them to spread word across their family and neighbours. The main aim is to make the surrounding a healthy environment.