Book Drive

Every academic year has seen a dearth of books available to the students below poverty line. Though there are initiatives by the government to provide text books to the students in government schools, having proper notebooks is still a day dream for many. And also many college students from poor economic conditions find it difficult to have standard textbooks which are less cost effective.​

To facilitate students with required books, Campus 2 Community has come up with ‘Book Drive’ initiative, where we set up volunteering teams in the respective colleges to collect gently used note books and text books from their peers and donate in our book bank. Note books are sent to recycling units and once recycled are sent to various government schools situated in the remote areas where the students can avail these notebooks. Text books are kept in the Book bank and students can avail the necessary books and return it at the end of their academic semester. The purpose of ‘Book Drive’ is to make avail of the required educational equipment to the needy students and help them in achieving their dreams and ambitions.