School Bell

“School bells are loud and clear, let the walls make the talk”

School is a place that has moulded million minds, school, a place that connects everyone (Education marks the overall development of a child). Child’s development is determined by the quality of education and this quality depends on basic infrastructure of the school, its atmosphere, ambience, amenities, availability of teachers, proper sanitation etc.

Government schools were established to provide necessary amenities to the children but, nowadays because of the negligence from the policy makers, authorities it is at the verge of losing down, reasons being poor infrastructure, lack of accountability and efficient teachers, decrease in enrollment ratio and increase in drop out ratio. “School bell” was an initiative to rejuvenate government schools at the verge of shutting down. Campus 2 Community with the association of Art Matters and Students for Development organised School Bell Campaign.

Through School bell, volunteers added life to the walls of school. This created a positive learning atmosphere, an ambience for acquiring knowledge. The other motto of school bell was to bridge the existing gap between campuses (Students) and society(school). It is every student’s responsibility to leave behind a path that will brighten the future of next generations.

Through School bell, one will engage oneself in the practices that will benefit the community, managerial skills, interactions, leadership qualities are some of the finest skills one can acquire. Improved infrastructure can make school a friendlier space where teachers and children get an environment to learn more. Further when children will be able to learn from their surroundings, they will perform better. The intervention also aims to work with teachers to bring in motivation among them and bring in new innovative ways to involve children in activities that further improvement. Not just the school environment was improved but, school children were provided with necessary science kits, sports kits library and first aid kits.

Our objectives

  • To ensure every child gets a quality education at a government school
  • To improve the infrastructure of the government schools
  • To rejuvenate schools located in rural villages by changing and improving the exterior.
  •  To display of the schools along with refurbishing the interior environment of the
    classroom by doing it colourful.
  • To ensure that children are attending school regularly / To ensure each/ every child
    attends government school.

What we did

  • Refurbished government schools through art works
  • Provided with necessary library equipment
  • Distributed science and sports kits to the school children
  • Career guidance charts were given to each school
  • Necessary first aid kits and proper toilet facilities were provided


Through a mass campaign around 150 schools were refurbished during September 20-22 2019. Around 4600 college students, 1000 artists participated in this campaign and lend their helping hand in the refurbishing of Government Schools.



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