Think and Tinker

Each child is a blessing by itself. There are many hidden talents within each of them but, there is a necessity of awakening this spark and make them realise their potentials. There is always importance of imparting life skills and thinking ability among the children. Actions always inspire children to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Campus 2 community through Think & Tinker intends to awaken the curiosity, creativity, scientific temper among the students

            Think & Tinker provides internship to students who are always passionate about teaching. They will be trained on various modules pertaining to skills, scientific temper, art, crafts and many more that will make kids “play and learn” new things alongside their curriculum. These volunteers once trained will be sent to Government schools and will teach the School kids on these modules. Teaching children is an accomplishment, getting children excited about learning is an achievement, campus 2 community intends to achieve this through Think & tinker.


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