“Colourful Class Rooms create bright minds and soulful minds join hands to make it happen”​

Schools are the fresh and colourful learning spaces for children, but it is a far cry for the government schools in remote areas with dull classrooms and infrastructure to have access for good learning ambience. Hence, C2C team with a goal to uplift children and youth in the most impoverished government schools has initiated VIKASANA.​

The main aim of Vikasana is to rejuvenate government schools located in remote rural areas across Karnataka by refurbishing the school premises and make learning more colourful to the students. Young and energetic volunteers residing in urban areas from various colleges and others participate enthusiastically to brighten the walls of wisdom. The volunteers also understand the poor conditions of government schools in rural areas and also help them to experience the culture of rural villages that will delineate the gap between rural and urban areas.​

This programme will motivate the local people to join hands with us in the developmental activities and also help in spreading awareness about the importance of government schools which stand as an epitome in enhancing the culture of our country. We also encourage people to get their children admitted to government schools and help in the improvement of infrastructure and other facilities in the school premises. ​

Upcoming 150 Schools/10 Clusters:

  1. Cluster 1 – Hoskote

Completed Schools